Because humans are at the center of Data Science today, our research has evolved into focusing on humans in two ways: how do data-centric systems impact humans and their data? How do humans who gravitate around those systems interact with data effectively? As a result, our new research topics have become:

Ethics and Privacy,
Large-Scale Data Analytics,
Information Exploration

The new research in SLIDE will aim to develop the theoretical, algorithmic, and methodological foundations to understand and model humans and application needs at scale. It will tackle usability by enabling human-aware data production from public participation, and developing
human-in-the-loop strategies for insight evaluation that lead to better system and algorithm designs. It will tackle sustainability by keeping in mind the best interest of humans through the development of optimization-based approaches that combine data-centric and human-centric goals and the promotion of data privacy and algorithmic fairness. It will help people make informed decisions on the time they spend online and the data they share about themselves, and improve their lives in many domains ranging from preventive care to online job markets.